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July 14, 2017 3 min read

We are beyond thrilled to have Dina join our group of beautiful artists, we have always been huge fans of her work as an illustrator and her new hand lettering.

Find out more about this talented lady...

Yislamoo Blog | Dina Fawakhiri Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself

I had been working for 15 years in the Advertising industry and left as a Creative Director just 6 months ago to pursue a career in illustration. It was a dramatic jump, but one I had to do. Ive always loved drawing, and it was time to give it a proper go and see where it takes me.

When did you realize you want to become an artist/illustrator/designer?

I think it all started with the Sesame Street book collection my parents got me as a child. All I remember was trying to recreate the pictures. Had no idea what the books were saying, but was mesmerized with the different styles of the illustrators in each book. Once in school, and only enjoying art class, I started to steer in that direction, and my parents encouraged it.


If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you be?

A dancer! Haha. This is not to say Im a good one, but in another lifetime, I would have loved to be a dancer.


Yislamoo | Hob Love Art Print by Dina Fawakhiri

In terms of your craft, which taught you more, school or life?

Life for sure. Both school and university didnt teach much. I was always looking at other artists' work I admired and trying to inject some of their work in the mine. Work definitely influenced my work. Gb me thinking cleaner, faster, and more conceptual. Being faced with problems helped me work on better solutions. And life, having so many ups and downs, provided me with much content to create from. Experience taught me more than any textbook could have.


How do you start working on a project?

I usually come up with a rough idea first. inspired by an event, something someone said that resonated, or by lyrics of a song even. I transfer the sketch in my head onto paper whenever Im feeling the urge to create.


Who is the most inspiring person to you?

I surround myself with inspiring people, so that would be my friends and my sister. As artists, I look up to/ and am inspired by Paula Bonet and Soey Milk.


What’s your favorite pastime?

Laughing. (We couldn't agree more!)


Favorite food?

Good food is my favorite food.. A creamy pasta, warm dish of ocra/ bamyeh, pies of all shapes and sizes. Dark chocolate, ice-cream, anything that feels like a happy hug.


Favorite musician?

I love many, but it really depends on the mood…  Artists I listen to when I work include Daughter, Chet Faker, Mashrou3 Leila and Solange.


Biggest fear?

My biggest fear is fear itself! Fear of standing still, not progressing. Having life pass me by and being too scared to just jump and do something different.


Biggest joy?

Spring weather, sitting outdoors, having a good meal, having a laugh, with good music in the background. That is the biggest joy of all.

Yislamoo | Oud and Tabla Wall Art

Favorite Yislamoo Wall Art?

My favorites are the Oud and Tabla, and totally in love with the new cross-stitching prints.


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