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Meet Rasha Hamdan

October 21, 2017 2 min read

Give us a brief introduction about yourself

Rasha Hamdan, founder of Yislamoo. I worked as a branding and design consultant for most of my professional life. When I found how Arabic as a spoken language was almost nonexistent in greeting cards which are the most spontaneous thing to express joy or make a social connection, I started Yislamoo which was at first dedicated to Arabic greeting cards in a contemporary and region sensitive style. I designed and illustrated (and still do) the first generation of the cards and wall art and now more independent artists are joining. 

 Yislamoo | Singing Lips First Greeting Card

When did you realize you want to become a designer?

It wasn't a eureka moment, I never considered myself anything but wanting to be a designer since I was a kid, I did have a mid-school crisis where I wanted to be a vet.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

A music conductor or a chef, even better a chef who conducts an orchestra on weekends :)


Yislamoo | The Arabian Side of the Moon

In terms of your craft, which taught you more, school or life? 


Who is the most inspiring person to you?

My youngest brother is the most creative person I have ever met, he's not even in visual arts or any line of business that is labeled creative, yet he has the most fascinating conceptual and verbal way of thinking.

What’s your favorite pastime?

Swimming in the sea just a few minutes before sunset.

Favorite food?
Anything with chestnuts! chestnut soup, salad, butter, cheesecake, bread... You name it

Favorite musician?

How much time do you have :) I love music so much and it's really hard to pick one! But at the top of my head is definitely John Coltrane, Cathedrals (one song on loop), FKA Twigs...

Biggest fear?
An injury that would lead to a disability. I had a serious injury a while back and now I navigate like a turtle wearing a helmet!

Biggest joy?
In random order, ice cream on a cone and good company.


Your Favourite Yislamoo Art Print?

Hob by Dina Fawakhiri 


Yislamoo | Hob Love Wall Art Print by Dina Fawakhiri


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