Meet Sedki Alimam

October 21, 2017 1 min read

Blog | Yislamoo | Meet Sedki Alimam

Give us a brief introduction about yourself

My name is Sedki Alimam, I am a hardworking art director by day and an artist that draws all night.

Yislamoo | Mirror II Wall Art Print by Sedki Alimam

When did you realize you want to become an illustrator?

I was 14 years old. I  realized how much I enjoy drawing and coloring stuff.

If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you be?

Psychologist or carpenter

In terms of your craft, which taught you more, school or life? 

I wasn't a particularly brilliant student, I don’t know if the education system wasn’t tailored for someone like me or if I just didn’t get it back then. So the clear answer is life since I self-taught myself everything I do.


Yislamoo | Mirrors I Wall Art Print by Sedki Alimam

How do you start working on a project?

Usually, it’s all starts with the style or technique I want to explore. So most of my projects are just exercises on those new skills I am to acquire.

Who is the most inspiring person to you?

My son Noah is my biggest inspiration. He keeps me very close to the ground and very humble.

What’s your favorite pastime?

I enjoy watching all types of comedy and I like each one of them.


Favorite food?


Favorite musicians?

Hello Psychaleppo (we love him too!) and Boshoco

Biggest fear?

Losing someone I’m not expecting to lose

Biggest joy?

Every new project I start.


Yislamoo | Wonderwoman of Arabia Wall Art Print

Favorite Yislamoo Wall Art?

Wonderwoman of Arabia

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