Happy Birthday Rubik Cube

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So the famous puzzle has just turned forty! I remember the first time my dad bought me one and I was pretty excited that I will show everyone how smart I am, especially my cousin who constantly tricked me during board games, I thought to myself I'll finish this in no time! I'll be the genius in the family... After a couple of tries I gave up and sat staring at it all comfy on my shelf, mocking my intelligence or the lack there of.

But as time passed by, the snotty attitude of that unsolved puzzle turned into the silence of solitude, I used to wake up at night and look at it from under my blanket and think to myself, it must feel so lonely and frustrating for that poor cube not to be solved, not to find someone in this household who can understand it.

I ended up giving it to my smarty pants cousin, hoping that there it would have a better home. One Friday during our family lunch tradition, I sneaked into my cousin's room and there it was all 9 matching colored squares on each side happily united.

Must be nice to finally find someone who truly gets you...

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