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3 Feminist Posters from Arabia, to Empower & Inspire

February 11, 2019 1 min read

We must admit it feels strange that feminist art became known as a movement only in the late 1960s and 1970s. But then again, here in the heart of Arabia, we have been taking baby steps most of our history, despite the persistence of many brave and pioneering women in the Arab world.

Here at Yislamoo, we take pride that the majority of our contributing artists are women and that's not to say men are marginalized, but till now we witness some young women artists who refuse to participate because they don't feel comfortable about having their identity shown publicly, under family and spousal pressure.

We have a growing collection of motivational posters and art prints with inspirational quotes, but this trio is dedicated to the inspiration and empowerment of women.

Hang them in your daughter's room, in your office or workspace, in the dining room as a wonderful conversation starter. Show them in every corner of your home.


Feminist Posters | The future is female poster | Yislamoo

"The Future is Female Poster". Yislamoo


 Feminist Posters, Home Ink Art Print,Yislamoo

"Home Ink Art Print". Suhad Khatib



Vintage Feminist Posters, Feminist Art,Dawn,Yislamoo

"Dawn". Rasha Hamdan

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